How to Choose Altcoins for X100 Gains

Three steps to maximize profits

Well, let's cover this up front... I'm not here to tell you which altcoins to buy for X100 winnings.

If anyone claims to know which cryptocurrency will go up 100, either they have a crystal ball or they are lying to you.

What I will do instead, is give you three tools to help increase your chances of buying 100x coins.

Get in early

This may seem obvious, but in order to get 100x altcoin you have to get in early.

SHIB, DOGE and SOL prices will not reach 100 times the current prices. Even 10x is unlikely.

The reason for this is that the market capitalization of the tokens is now very high. SHIB's current market capitalization is approximately $15 billion. 10x will make it the second largest cryptocurrency, and 100x will give it twice the value of bitcoin!

This will not happen.

If you want to find 100x winnings, you need to take a look at our list of cryptocurrencies for smaller projects. Of course, these projects also carry higher risks, but with greater risks come greater potential returns.

Join all forums

If you want to find 100x gem, you have to be in the right place at the right time. This can start by doing obvious things like joining the project's Reddit, Discord, and Telegram groups.

Often projects declare:

About the ICO and launcher events on private Discord and Telegram groups

Make having an active portfolio and/or community group membership an important condition for future earnings.

For example, if you participate in the MOVR crowd on Polkadot, this gives you access to a special “Take flight” event where GLMR tokens can be purchased at a low price

In the first round, participants can purchase a maximum of 10,000 GLMR at $0.25 per GLMR.

GLMR is currently trading at $5 and reached an all-time high of over $16.

If you could sell your GLMR for $15, that would be a 60x gain!

Another example is Holoride's recent launch on the Elrond blockchain. Users with 10 or more EGLDs can enter a lottery for RIDE at $200 per ticket. 5,000 RIDE tokens have been allocated for the winning tickets.

At the launch of the exchange, RIDE was trading around $5. If you sell at launch, you will earn 125x on an investment of $200.

All of this is not magic… just make sure you are fully integrated into the many blockchain communities, and opportunities will come.

Invest, don't speculate

All the normal investment “rules” apply when looking for high gains in altcoins.

Don't chase green candles

Find great projects that you strongly believe in

Don't jump on random meme coins someone paid on Reddit

Nobody knows which projects will bring big wins, but we can start increasing our chances. To do this, find projects that are part of a broader successful ecosystem, and add significant value to that ecosystem.

For example, Solana is not likely to make 100 times the current prices, but many Solana ecosystem projects can easily achieve 10 times or 100 times. The same goes for projects built on other Layer 1 blockchains such as Cardano, Polkadot and Elrond.

Part of the community then HODL.

good luck!

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