Cryptocurrencies, all for less than a dollar, all desperately need to be checked. Have you ever looked at a coin like Terra LUNA and wished you had more of it when the price was so low under $1.

Here is the question now how you can identify powerful projects for less than a dollar. In this post, we bring you four alternative currencies that we believe have super potential. Well, let's check it out.

Oasis Network ROSE

Oasis Network is a privacy-focused blockchain network designed specifically for decentralized finance, aiming to help build a responsible data economy around the world.

Apart from that, it brings scalability to DeFi that will attract early adopters to the masses by enabling smart private contracts and high ability to convert data into tokens. As a result, OASIS will provide facilities for private lending; Under private AMMs secured loans, you can earn staking rewards, faster transaction speeds, very large workloads, and part-time establishment. The network can support a rich ecosystem of dApps and use cases.

What cannot be ignored is that the Oasis Network has a strong ecosystem of shareholders and partners such as BMW Group, Chainlink, Oasis Labs, Balancer, A16Z Pantera and many others.

According to Coingecko, ROSE is currently trading at around 25.2 cents with a market capitalization of $882 million with a 24-hour trading volume just under $100 million.

The circulating supply is 3.4 billion tokens, and the total supply is 10 billion tokens. So, quick into the math there, you see that rolling width is 34% of max width.

In the past 12 months, ROSE has shown some impressive growth at around 150, and its all-time high was 59 cents. So, with a market capitalization still below $1 billion, the Oasis Network has a relatively low market capitalization as a venture, which again means that even a small influx of investment can lead to a huge price hike, and we see that happen. Because in January 2022, just last month, Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, participated in the Oasis ecosystem fund, and this investment will seek to grow the next generation of applications built on top of the Oasis network.

As we approach April 2022, the next major upgrade to the Oasis network will include an improvement to paratime, the parallel transaction processing approach that allows the Oasis blockchain to access thousands of smart contract transactions per second TPS, and back to the paratime upgrade will have to be upgraded to support liquid freeze.

The next big thing in the cryptocurrency storage world, at least that's what we put our money into. So, in short, if Binance supports the Oasis network, this could really be a low gem for the whole of 2022. It has huge potential. (Cronos) CRO

Our CRO. This is the original token of, which is the second largest centralized exchange in the world.

In fact, is rapidly expanding into an entire crypto ecosystem. That's because it provides users with all kinds of things that we look at here on exchange. This is where users can make spreads and derivative trades.

As you know, they also have a DeFi wallet. This is where owners can take full control of their private keys if they choose to earn very high interest rates from popular DeFi protocols and DeFi tokens.

Crypto credit is another initiative where owners can borrow up to 50% of crypto collateral, and you can calculate credit details on the website if that is something that interests you.

There is also the newly announced NFT initiative. This is where you can buy, sell and display NFT from creators and all kinds of brands around the world.

Finally, piercing resistance, at least as I see it, you have cards. There are seven different types of cards. These Visa Metal cards have no annual fee, and you'll get up to 8% cashback. Not only that, but the higher your car denomination, the more interest you will accrue in each of the base asset you are participating in, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other altcoin, plus some accrued rewards in the form of CRO.

Not only do you get great cashback, you get rewards in CRO for everything you spend your money on, but you also have very incentivizing mortgage rates for everything you carry with you in this ecosystem. that's cool. I carry one of those, of course, and I am speaking to you very honestly from personal experience. This is the best card in the game, and if you don't use one of these cards or any equivalent system, you are missing out on a lot. Simply.

Let's talk about tokens here; So, according to Coingecko CRO, which was recently renamed Cronos, you may have missed it, but as you can see, that is reflected here as Cronos is currently trading at about 41 cents with a market capitalization of $10.37 billion. The 24-hour trading volume is around $118 million, the circulating supply is 25.2 billion, and the total supply is 30.2 billion, with the circulating supply of express tokens here representing about 83% of the total supply.

It has been a good year for In the past 12 months, CRO has shown 730% growth, with an all-time high of just under 96 cents on the dollar.

Well, let's talk about some of the recent developments that is known for for truly having some of the most influential partners in the crypto ecosystem; For example, Lebron James and Matt Damon are the newest ambassadors, here you see a little bit of what I think behind the scenes of what I thought was a cool Super Bowl ad instead that was revealed on Super Bowl Sunday recently brought LeBron James back to some sort of meeting The imaginative with his young, well-performed self, and a great new spokesperson for the brand. But CRO, the lowest moving price in 2022, will be largely driven by the adoption of the Cronos blockchain, the EVM-compliant EVM Chain.

Cronos closed very quickly at TVL at over $2 billion and is currently among the top 10 DeFi protocols, which isn't bad.

The Graph GRT

GRT. This is the original token of The Graph priced right now at the time of this recording at about 43 cents. , if you are not familiar with it, is a protocol that facilitates the seamless flow of data from one blockchain to another.

It enables dapps to use data from other dapps and send data to ethereum via smart contracts. Due to the novelty of this platform and its benefits, there was rapid adoption which led to billions of inquiries in just one year after launch.

For example, at the moment, platforms like Uniswap, Synthetics, Decentraland, and Argon are already using graphs, and we see huge growth potential here.

This is because the project aims to add support to leading chains such as Polygon, BSC, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Near, and others.

Its market capitalization exceeds $1 billion which makes GRT probably a mid-size digital currency; It is safe in this category, which means that even with a reasonable investment flow, a significant price jump can be expected. But the question now is, why do we think the GRT could see this investment flow.

Let's talk about some recent developments. The Graph has launched a $205 million ecosystem fund to attract new developers to its platform. The fund will provide grants to teams that build dApps using graph query technology spanning truly diverse sectors such as DeFi, NFTs, decentralized autonomous organizations also known as DAOs, marketplaces, cross-chain infrastructure, the metaverse and, of course, interactive syndication.

The potentially immersive digital environment and with plenty of action at the top of The Graph, is waiting to be transformed into an entire ecosystem located at the potential center of Web 3.0.

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