BomB Crypto and BCOIN: How It Works

BomB Crypto is a Play-To-Earn game where players manage a group of cyborg bomb heroes programmed to hunt BCOIN and fight monsters. The game is developed by Senspark. Senspark is a Vietnamese independent game development company founded in 2011 that focuses on mobile games for Android and iOS platforms. Games like Stickman Battle 2021, Gold Miner and Bomb Squad have over ten million downloads.

How it works

Each NFT game has its own in-game currency which is used to obtain in-game items and purchases. In the case of BomB Crypto, it uses BCOIN and can be used to buy and sell NFT items or even the launcher champions themselves. BCOIN is a standardized token in the Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most popular Ethereum token. The BEP-20 is designed as a technical specification for the Binance Smart Chain to provide a flexible format for developers to launch a range of other tokens.

BCOIN was audited by the Verichains team last October 2021 and noticed that its smart contract was written in Solidity and had no vulnerabilities at all. So if you are wondering about the integrity of the token, you can rest assured that recent scrutiny has given it the green light.

how to start

1. Download the digital wallet called MetaMask.

2. Once this is set up, one has to provide MetaMask with some BNB tokens in order to transfer them via Binance.

3. Once BNB is available in your MetaMask, you can then convert it to BCOIN using PancakeSwap.

4. Also when you achieve this, you can head over to the official BomB Crypto webpage and connect your MetaMask.

How to play and win

As mentioned earlier, the game has modes such as Treasure, Story, and Battle mode. BomB Crypto was recently launched in the third quarter of this year and only has Treasure Hunt mode, which is a play for profit feature where players can buy and collect heroes to search for BCOIN tokens. If you are familiar with the famous Bomberman mechanics, this game will easily resonate with you.

Keep in mind that money is required to get started with this blockchain game, and if you are willing to lose it hoping to double or triple it, take that risk. But before we get into that, make sure to do your research and stay updated with the developer's posts on their official website and social media pages.

And here for you guys, a quick summary of the explosive blockchain game. So what are your thoughts and opinions about BomB Crypto?

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