Metaverse coins under $0.001

Metaverse Coins is a digital asset platform based on the public blockchain.

The core feature of blockchain projects, which is decentralization, appears to be respected by Metaverse. It is the first to provide digital identity, with which everyone can own their own public key and private key, ensuring this with absolute security of proprietary rights. Metaverse will continue to provide users with high quality services including but not limited to Digital Certificates, Digital Signature, and Oracle Trusted Data as well as supporting developers with a full suite of Application Development Kits (SDKs). We believe that Metaverse will eventually occupy a significant market share in the future.

The most popular Metaverse cryptocurrency among the new financial backers is the low market cap, and the low unit cost of the coins as they have a high potential for huge gains in value. In this article, we hand-pick five Metaverse cryptocurrencies costing less than 0.1p, ranked by market cap, and most of them are cut to the most noteworthy. Not only are the Metaverse coins rising in value, but they have the potential to grow higher in the long run. It's never too late to get hold of this high-potential cryptocurrency. Below are high value coins that could see significant price gains by the end of 2022.

(UFO Gaming) UFO

Unit price: $0.000009542

Market value: $247 million

24-hour trading volume: $26 million

Launched in July 2021, UFO Gaming is a decentralized, blockchain-based Metaverse gaming stage with a mission to connect the usual games with the Play-to-buy model.

UFO Gaming is calling its bios the Dark Metaverse, which will highlight the virtual land market and the first game based on NFT Super Galactic. The game will be based on Ethereum and will be coordinated with Polygon's MATIC blockchain to reduce gas fees.

Unfortunately, UFO Gaming does not have a minimum viable product yet for customers to peruse. Despite this, the group gave their first two-person weekly UFO Gaming group update on January 21, where they reported some intraday goals.

UFO Gaming is equipped to submit their own staking application, NFT Marketplace, Breeding Agreement, Second Token Send (UAP), Game Integrations, and Beta Game Launch. You can buy UFO on Uniswap and KuCoin and that's just the beginning

Starlink (STARL)

Unit price: $0.0001689

Market value: $168 million

24-hour trading volume: $18 million

Launched in June 2021, Starlink is a far-reaching 3D social world that enables customers to exchange resources for its blockchain-based economy. Starlink highlights the STARL token used as a local utility resource in the environment, allowing customers to change and sell in-game resources.

Furthermore, Starlink will highlight the entrance to the games where players can test their abilities, get rewards, investigate, and fight close to others in the STARL Metaverse.

As of now, customers can take a look at the Starlink NFT Marketplace in an open beta. The game is still in development, however, and STARL gave a sneak peek of its status via Twitter on January 24th that energized allies:

It is very likely that STAR has the most active local area supporting the project, and its current market value of $168 million is an incredible passing point. When the game is delivered, STARL could run into several billion dollars like Decentraland and The Sandbox. You can buy STARL on Uniswap, OKEx, and the sky's the limit there.

DeFi Degen Land (DDL)

Unit price: $0.0002325

Market value: $3.4 million

24-hour trading volume: $790,000

Introduced in November 2021, DeFi Degen Land is a multi-chain Metaverse cryptocurrency including a reflection of BTC for its owners, BSC support, and the Cronos blockchain.

DeFi Degen Land will include different mini-games, each with week after week leaderboards. Players who figure out how to place themselves on the leaderboard will earn rewards somewhere in the $50 and $500 range.

The pledge highlights its DDL reversal token on the Binance smart chain. BTC recipients are compensated for each DDL transaction, and automatic escrow discrimination means that Bitcoin rewards will naturally be charged from your Decision wallet.

Customers can take a look at the DDL game through their software, and deal with a viable wallet like MetaMask. Currently, the DDL Metaverse highlights the Red Light Green Light mini-game island and the virtual island of Japan, enabling customers to check out Bitcoin reward insights while being able to guarantee your physical rewards. You can purchase DDL on PancakeSwap.

Metagalaxy Land (MEGALAND)

Unit price: $0.000000002935

Market value: $2.2 million

24-hour trading volume: $518K

Launched in November 2021, Metagalaxy Land is a decentralized space-themed Metaverse game. The mission includes a program-based continuous MMO technology that enables customers to investigate the massive Metaverse, expand their world, and battle different players for assets and experience.

Players are divided into two classes: Cowboys and Space Pirates. Cowboys own the planets and can reshape, produce goods, upgrade ships, hire Space Pirates, and guarantee rewards. Then again, Space Pirates are advisors who can build their own organizations and tribes and act as armies for Space Cowboys campaign groups.

Space Cowboys seal the future of the galaxy and shape their pool of expertise through their management component. Space pirates are project workers who were employed by cowboys as muscle, workforce, and pioneers.

MEGALAND is the local utility symbol on the stage that is exchanged unreservedly in the market. You can buy MEGALAND on PancakeSwap, Bitrue and OpenOcean.

Moon Rabbit (AAA)

Unit price: $0.0001408

Market value: $1.2 million

24-hour trading volume: $200,000

Launched in August 2021, Moon Rabbit is a diffuse cryptographic combination running on a mother chain called Mount Olympus that refers to interactions with unusual chains and organizations called Jurisdities. These jurisdictions are dispersed, independent organizations equipped to provide advanced material and information. May provide upgraded resources and conventions for explicit use cases.

Moon Rabbit's biological platform allows anyone to submit their jurisdiction with new capabilities, including blockchain professionals such as DeFi agreements, NFTs, and Web3 dApps, and that's just the beginning.

Moon Rabbit uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine in the blockchain but runs on its foundation. Customers can interact with the Moon Rabbit dApp using an applicable wallet such as MetaMask, however, they must change to the Moon Rabbit EVM to access the NFT Marketplace and other top apps.

Moon Rabbit includes an AAA symbol that gets different specializations. The blockchain is secured using AAA tokens in special gradient areas of the temples, which implement protocol standards through the Chain Agreement System.

With a market cap of $1.2 million and an undeniable ecosystem, MoonRabbit is a very wrong project to watch in 2022. Given that many Metaverse cryptocurrencies without even a minimum viable product actually reach multi-million dollar valuations, Moon Rabbit's AAA It can quickly explode in appreciation. You can buy AAA on, MEXC, PancakeSwap, and BitMart and the sky is the limit there.

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