Metaverse: A world where everyone is creative

Metaverse could be a $30 trillion market in less than 10 years

The easiest way to describe the metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet. It is a 3D virtual environment that allows users to interact with their surroundings and other people. Not only does this provide gaming aspects, but there is an opportunity to create an entirely new digital ecosystem within the metaverse.

Since no one is quite sure what the full range of metaverses will entail, estimates regarding its market value vary widely. According to investment bank Morgan Stanley, the metaverse could eventually become a $8 trillion market in China alone! Calling it an "immersive experience," in a research note, analysts expect the alternative equation to replace the mobile internet.

There is a new player in the Metaverse

Victoria Vr is a global metaverse platform that includes decentralized applications and virtual reality where everyone has the power to do anything. The project aims to take the concept of virtual reality to the next level by creating a “3D Internet”, a world wholly owned by users and society.

It is based on the Unreal Engine, a popular game engine developed by Epic Games. Victoria VR metworld offers its users an endless scene of games, adventures, experiences and rewards

Following in the footsteps of other tokens such as MANA, SAND, GALA, and many more, the Victoria VR token enjoyed a huge rise after its launch on Kucoin.

The VR token rose to an all-time high of $0.499173, 169 times its initial value of $0.00295, according to DAO Maker. The $200 prize money for attendees of the DAO Maker VR customization event has increased to $27,000 or more. After the short sale, the VR token is on the rise again and the new ATH now stands at $0.7118, according to data from CoinMarketCap.


VICTORIA VR World is built to allow users to create, survive, and live their own worlds independently of the creators. All active authors and users are paid on a regular and fair basis for their contributions, including scores and reviews, completing tasks, stopping VR tokens, and receiving random airdrops.

The goal of this project, as explained in the official white paper, is to educate and attract the gaming community to digital currency by demonstrating the benefits of digital currency.

Victoria VR plans to build the most important marketplace for NFTs as a result of virtualization where users can generate and trade NFT tokens from other online platforms.


After the highly successful ICO launch, The VR Project is planning to launch a VR exhibition, virtual lands auction in the metaverse and many other updates shown on their official website.

Unique Features of VICTORIA VR


The NFTs in VICTORIA VR promise to be revolutionary, taking NFTs and trading to new heights. Users can view 2D NFTs in 3D space, as well as any other 3D object, and can even create their own NFTs in virtual reality. Some NFTs can give users real superpowers in virtual reality, while others can give them VR tokens or even more NFTs.

The big virtual reality market

Big Market VR is a decentralized marketplace based on smart contracts, also referred to by the VR team as the largest blockchain asset exchange (NFT) in the world. This is a place where you can trade almost anything. Auctions can be called up and users can request unique items.

It is a place where, taking advantage of virtual reality, objects displayed in space can be seen and enlarged or reduced at will; The market can also be accessed in a web browser. Terra VR, items, resources, XP (Experiences) and other items from other worlds can be exchanged here.

Virtual Reality Land

VR Territories are Non-Foldable Tokens (NFTs) with an End Supply and are available for purchase at auction or from other players. Auctions start one month after joining the exchange and 8 new VR lands will be sold each week.

The owners of VR Land have complete control over it and each VR Land has a maximum building height. It is located close to the VR ground, and can be joined into one to increase the maximum height of the building.

Virtual Reality Lands can be used to build:

Utility buildings in the game (mines, warehouses, etc.).

For rental purposes to other users.

Display facilities (shops, fairs, etc.).

Private facilities (clubs, private companies, etc.).

for the sake of speculation.

Like a portal to another world, a video game, or a virtual reality experience.

To summarize, the Victoria VR project has a good team, features, large community and superior to the power of the metaverse, virtual reality and blockchain that can make the project successful in the long run. However, do your research and be careful due to the current volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

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