PolkaFantasy is about to announce the launch of a Fantasy Land claim site

PolkaFantasy is about to announce the launch of the Fantasy Land Claim website which will be available on January 31, 2022.. Our team has developed a dedicated webpage for all players to claim their purchased land.

Last October, we held two land sales: the pre-sale of XP token holders for dollars and the pre-sale of NFT auction participants. These land sales offered early backers an opportunity to purchase land in the PolkaFantasy metaverse while claiming their land exclusively before the general public.

The growing interest in us has made Earth more accessible by collaborating with launch platform partners, expanding our reach to a larger audience. This brings everyone together in one circle to connect and connect as players in the world of PolkaFantasy.

Users will soon be able to claim their lands among the five land-tier offerings, including Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical, each consisting of 12 land types.

Claim your land and reap the benefits!

Land Claim allows users to claim their land and own an exclusive virtual plot of land that can increase in value! In addition, each land offers its own interactive experience, with multiple magical expansions happening in the future.

Land owners can recruit members to their clan, host events, complete training, go into battle, and communicate with other members on their territory. Land facilities vary by level, with options to access contests and giveaways, unlock unique game assets, rent land to other players, build homes and foundations, farm, and much more. Several ranks are available, including Standard, S-Rank, and SS-Rank, as users work their way to the top with access to more tiles for each rank. For more information on the different layers of the earth, please refer to the drawings below.

Unlike NFT's distribution of weapons and characters from the pre-auction auction, we've created a claim site for users to claim their land. Once a Land NFT is claimed, it is stored in your corresponding wallet. Please follow the step-by-step tutorial below to claim Fantasy Land NFTs on the claim site.

Land Claim Guide

To claim your purchased Fantasy Land, please visit our website. You will be able to see the full Fantasy Land map with a mini map in the upper left corner. You can easily click on the mini map or drag on the large map to move across the land, and zoom in and out can be done easily using the zoom bar. The three different sizes of squares refer to the three ranks: Standard (one piece); S rank (2 x 2); SS rank (3×3).

Click on the Claim tab. You will be asked to connect to the wallet you used to purchase your fantasy land. Note that only Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet are compatible with the claim site.

Click on the “Connect” button. The website will prompt you to switch to the Polygon network if your wallet is on a different network. Check your wallet extension to confirm the switch.

* Note that if your wallet is compromised or you lose access to your wallet for any other reason, please contact and report to one of our administrators in the official Telegram group.

After connecting your wallet, you will be able to see the total amount of land that you are entitled to claim (the number of land plots you have purchased). Next, click on the Claim button on the web page and “Confirm” the transaction in your wallet. If you are not connected to the Polygon network, a popup will ask you to switch to the Polygon network. If this is the case, select Network Switch.

Click Prompt just once to make sure there are no errors. If your transaction is taking time, you can increase the gas fee by extending your wallet.

Click Save and your transaction will be completed soon.

*Note that a small gas fee must be paid for the transaction. Make sure you have enough MATIC in your wallet to continue.

Your fantasy lands will be effectively claimed once the transaction is complete. You can view all of your NFTs under the Collection tab. It may take some time after the claim for your land offer is successfully completed.

To check the location of your lands on the map, go back to the Home page where the map is, and you'll see the filter feature on the right of the page. Select "My Land", and colored squares corresponding to your land will appear on the map.

More to come for fantasy lands Throughout the worlds of PolkaFantasy, Earth is the most desired and most important resource of all. Owning the land itself opens players to the possibilities of building, farming, competing with competitive advantages, etc. As we develop the lands system, we plan to offer a staking option to secure the value of your precious lands soon!

Make sure to mark your territory on PolkaFantasy as of January 31, 2022!

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